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SPF Records And Exchange Online Protection [VERIFIED]

If you're already deployed in Office 365 and have set up your SPF TXT records for your custom domain, and you're migrating to Office 365 Germany, you need to update your SPF TXT record. To do this, change to

SPF records and Exchange Online Protection


Logon to the Exchange (Online Protection) Admin Center, select protection in the navigation menu and click DKIM in the toolbar. When you click enable, an error message (in yellow) is shown that you need to create the appropriate DNS records first (click to enlarge).

Hi, I have received a message sent via Exchange Online host IPv6 "2603:10a6:20b:c0::31". The message was marked as spam because of SPF fail. Subnet "2603:10a6:20b:c0::/64" is not in the list of O365 servers Microsoft provides: -us/office365/enterprise/urls-and-ip-address-ranges#exchange-online

but the IP of the exchange online transport server used was not in the list of host in , message header states " does not designate 'sample ip here' as permitted sender". BR, Ruslan

I can confirm that that one is already configured, so I believe I should be good here. It was the IT company of the receipient that claims we need to add an IP. Would understand it in case of on-prem exchange server, but was not sure with the online one.

Your message couldn't be delivered to multiple recipients.xxxxx.xx couldn't confirm that your message was sent from a trusted location.Office 365 Recipients Action Required Recipients SPF validation error Couldn't deliver to the following recipients:aaaa@xxxxx.xx , bbbbb@xxxxx.xx How to Fix ItYour organization's email admin will have to diagnose a