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Underworld Endless War 720p 88

Underworld: Endless War - A Collection of Three Animated Shorts

Underworld: Endless War is a 2011 animated film and a collection of three short tie-in stories. Each film tells a different story, and takes place during different periods of history to highlight new events of the Underworld mythology. These stories also tell of what happened before the events in Underworld: Awakening.


Plot Summary

The first story takes place in 1890, where Selene, a vampire assassin, hunts down two Lycan brothers who lead a powerful and ruthless pack in Paris. She manages to kill one of them, but the other escapes and vows revenge. The second story takes place in 1967, where Selene tracks down the surviving Lycan brother in Los Angeles. She infiltrates his mansion and discovers that he has created a new breed of Lycans that can transform at will. She fights her way through his minions and confronts him in his lair. The third story takes place in 2012, where Selene and Michael Corvin, a hybrid, are on the run from the humans who have declared war on both vampires and Lycans. They encounter a group of Lycans led by the same brother who has survived for over a century. He reveals that he has been waiting for Selene to return, as he believes that she is the key to ending the endless war between their races.

Cast and Crew

The film was directed by Juno John Lee and written by Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux, and Danny McBride, who are also the creators of the Underworld franchise. The voice cast includes Laura Harris as Selene, Mark Oliver as Michael Corvin, Trevor Devall as Darius/Kraven/Lord Clovis, Brian Dobson as Krandril, and Paul Dobson as Vregis. The film was released as part of the Underworld: Awakening Blu-ray on January 23, 2012.


The film received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some praised the animation style, the action sequences, and the expansion of the Underworld lore, while others criticized the short length, the lack of character development, and the inconsistency with the main films. The film has a rating of 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb and a rating of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to Watch

The film is available for free download and streaming on the Internet Archive. You can also watch it on Plex or YouTube. However, be aware that these sources may not have the best quality or subtitles. If you want to watch the film in high definition (720p) and with English subtitles (88), you may need to look for other options online.


Underworld: Endless War is a short but entertaining addition to the Underworld franchise. It offers a glimpse into different eras and locations of the vampire-Lycan conflict, and features some thrilling action scenes and impressive animation. If you are a fan of Underworld or enjoy dark fantasy and horror genres, you may want to give this film a try.


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