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Dabbe Curse Of The Jinn Full Mov __FULL__

Kübra was possessed by a djinn prior to her wedding when she stabbed her husband-to-be and killed him in front of the entire family. Ebru is a psychiatrist, Kübra's childhood friend from Kıbledere village. Ebru wants to observe Kübra and film the actions of so-called djinn exorcists in an attempt to prove whether djinns exist or not. Ebru and a djinn exorcist, Faruk, head to Kübra's village. They visit a cursed tree at the village entrance, hear stories about creepy events from Kıbledere's past and see a strange code, 7175, engraved in the tree.

Dabbe Curse Of The Jinn Full Mov

The story continues with Faruk performing exorcism in an even bigger warehouse and warns the djinn, Sare, inside Kübra to leave otherwise he will kill it. The exorcism ends in success with the djinn violently killed by Faruk. Everyone assumes that Kübra is healed, however with a strange turn of events, she tries to kill her aunt that same night and runs out to the cursed tree. Sick of Faruk's supposed exploitations, Ebru leaves him at the tree and takes Kübra to a hospital for medical and psychological assistance.The next morning, Kübra's injured aunt reveals to Faruk that Kübra's father died on the night of her birth, assumingly while being possessed by Sare. Faruk, still not satisfied about his discoveries, rings his friend outside town and asks him about the 7175 code. Meanwhile, Ebru returns and they both agree to visit İlyas, a man who resides in an abandoned village and supposedly knows about Sare.

İlyas on the other side reveals to Faruk that it was all a trap set to lure Ebru back to this village. There is absolutely no way to get rid of Sare, however she could be passed from one body to another. Hence, Kübra's family planned to save her daughter and make Ebru suffer for her father's deeds. As İlyas also, is captured by the djinns of Sare's clan, Faruk rushes back only to find the house empty and Kübra's aunt killed by her mother and sister. Panicking, he drives to the cursed tree, yelling Ebru's name when he is suddenly hit by someone and thrown into a well. He looks up to see the cunning faces of Kübra's mother and sister who throw heavy rocks on him. Unable to take the injuries, Faruk passes out. Ebru wakes up in a grave, seeing Kübra's mother and sister who tell her that they have suffered long enough and now it's Ebru's turn to have her soul devoured by Sare. An injured Ebru tries to plead and get up but is unable to do so. She is buried alive alongside several live snakes and after desperate cries for help, she starts to choke when suddenly the screen cuts to black, leaving her fate uncertain.


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