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During the recording sessions for their second album, Disco Ruido started Vox Humana, a side project that focuses on more dance and club oriented tracks with a much more simple approach in production. The name Vox Humana references the signature preset of the Polymoog synthesizer, which was widely used by electronic rock icon, Gary Numan, who Disco ruido often cite as a big influence on their style and music. The project unveiled a club tour around Mexico, Costa Rica and some United States cities. Recording sessions for the project resulted in two EPs that showed a more instrumental side of the band.


Snorkel colectivo para entrenamiento somático, organizado por ruido ê + Catsharks, y en colaboración con Underwater Barcelona y marco Brutal, La Caldera. 4 julio 2022. Area Urbana espigón del W.

La función de Discriminación de ruido del cable de VD aplica solamente a la detección inicial. El algoritmo utiliza eventos sensados en el campo cercano ventricular para determinar una ventana para analizar la amplitud pico a pico del canal de campo lejano. 041b061a72


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