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Maps for the Series 40 platform (such as early phones from the Nokia Asha series) were limited compared to other platforms. The maps were streamed online into the device or pre-downloaded with Nokia Suite. In some markets, the phones came with a SD card with preloaded local maps. They mostly did not have turn-by-turn navigation, and pedestrian routes were limited to 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) length. As none of the Asha series phones had GPS, positioning was done by Cell ID of the cellular network or by using the Wi-Fi positioning system. An exception was the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition, which was an S40 phone with GPS and full turn by turn voice navigation.

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The HERE Mobile SDK was launched in February 2014, and in the time since has expanded to add more functionality for developers. There are many customers using HERE mapping data as the backbone for their mobile apps, and the SDK provides access to information such as average road speeds, traffic build-up, and maximum loads that can be transported on a particular road.[90] There have been even more features and access added in each iteration of the SDK, with the latest 3.0 version launching in mid-2015. In the Here Mobile SDK Starter Edition 3.0, there are native Android and iOS APIs for raster tile map display, online points of interest search, geocoding/reverse geocoding and online pedestrian/car route calculation. Here Mobile SDK Premium Edition 3.0 extends the functionality to include vector maps, turn-by-turn guidance, truck routing, 3D venue maps and augmented reality. Offline Enterprise Maps (for truck attributes and congestion zones) and LiveSight pedestrian guidance are also provided in this latest version of the SDK.[91] HERE Data Lens is another service launched by HERE whereby customers can visualise their usage of data on a map in a visual form. This pictorial representation provides for extended analysis of datasets and how they are being used.[92]

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