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Managing what is happening in the world today.

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Here we are in the year 2021 and at the age of 40 I have seen the world go through so many changes. I can honestly say I am glad to have been born in the 80's. I have been on my spiritual awakened journey since 2009 and I have learned so much about myself and life. Only as the saying goes the more you know something the more you know nothing at all!

So far the only constant I have witnessed is nature and change. Everyone has their own perception of the "truth" So what is really going on? I am sure most people think we are in the end times. Armageddon ( the battle between good and evil) or the apocalypse (times of revelation) and in a way they would be right! The earth is shifting as she has done many times before every time we go into a new age, which happens every 2160 years.

As of December 2020 we shifted from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius which means big changes in the way we live as a society. We are also shifting from 3rd dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness a higher state of awareness and being. For the earth this is much like giving birth and most women would agree that this process is painful, messy, scary and exciting at the same time. The world is about to witness things they have only read about in books or seen in movies, however it is going to take a while for people to truly come to terms with all the changes coming in. This is the great awakening! Life is going to be a bit uncomfortable for a time while this shift is taking place. In the past year we have been going through a world pandemic, plenty of natural disasters and lot's of civil unrest. It seems like there is a great divide going on, and this is because there is. As this shift is taking place there will be those that will resist the new earth and the 5th dimension, they want to keep things as they way they were. There are some entities on this earth that want to keep humanity at the 3rd dimensional level of being and keep them in a state of ignorance with plenty of distractions and fear mongering. When humans are in a state of fear they go into fight or flight mode, which is to survive by any means necessary and they will fall in line with anything they are told to do in order to survive. They are no longer thinking rationally or listening to reason. By staying in that low frequency of fear they are unable to reach higher states of awareness and block the flow of intuition and divine guidance.

However this will not stop the 5th dimensional shift from happening it just means that not everyone will be on board. Those of us that know what is really going on whether you have been awakened for years or just in recent times we have to continue to hold the space by keeping our vibrations high in the frequency of love, unity and compassion. We are in the times of Christ Consciousness now and that is heart centred energy. Block out all the negative noise, keep grounded, go for walks in nature, meditate, pray and do creative things that bring you joy.

Until next time much love and peace. x


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