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Pakdam Pakdai Ocean Attack Movie 48

Pakdam Pakdai Ocean Attack Movie 48

Pakdam Pakdai Ocean Attack Movie 48 is a 2023 animated film based on the popular Indian cartoon series Pakdam Pakdai. The film is a sequel to the 2019 film Pakdam Pakdai: Ocean Attack, which was the first feature-length film of the franchise. The film follows the adventures of Doggy Don, a friendly and lazy dog, and his three mice rivals, Colonel, Chhotu, and Motu, as they face a new threat from the ocean.


The film begins with a flashback of the events of the previous film, where Doggy Don and his friends stopped the evil shark Surmai Bhopali from taking over the Heart of the Ocean motor, a device that controls the balance between the land and the sea. The motor was hidden in a secret underwater temple guarded by a giant octopus named Octo. Surmai Bhopali wanted to use the motor to flood the planet and make all land creatures his slaves. However, Doggy Don and his friends managed to defeat Surmai Bhopali and his army of fish with the help of Octo and Lambu, a friendly whale.


The film then cuts to the present day, where Doggy Don and his friends are enjoying their peaceful life on land. However, their peace is soon disturbed by a mysterious earthquake that shakes their house. They soon discover that the earthquake was caused by a massive drill machine that emerged from the ocean. The drill machine belongs to Dr. Drill, a mad scientist who wants to drill into the core of the Earth and extract its energy for his own purposes. Dr. Drill is accompanied by his assistant, Drill Bit, a robotic fish who can transform into various tools.

Dr. Drill reveals that he has been searching for the Heart of the Ocean motor for years, and has finally located it in the underwater temple. He plans to use the motor to power his drill machine and create a hole in the Earth's crust. He also reveals that he has captured Surmai Bhopali and his army of fish, and has brainwashed them to serve him. He then orders Surmai Bhopali to attack Doggy Don and his friends, while he heads to the temple with Drill Bit.

Doggy Don and his friends manage to escape from Surmai Bhopali's attack and decide to follow Dr. Drill to stop him from destroying the planet. They enlist the help of Octo and Lambu, who agree to take them to the temple. On their way, they encounter various dangers and obstacles, such as giant crabs, electric eels, and underwater volcanoes. They also meet some new allies, such as Nemo, a clownfish who can speak human language, and Dory, a blue tang who suffers from short-term memory loss.

Meanwhile, Dr. Drill reaches the temple and uses his drill machine to break through its walls. He finds the Heart of the Ocean motor and plugs it into his drill machine. He then activates the motor and starts drilling into the Earth's core. However, he soon realizes that he has made a grave mistake, as the motor begins to malfunction and create massive waves and whirlpools that threaten to engulf both land and sea.

Doggy Don and his friends arrive at the temple and confront Dr. Drill. They try to stop him from drilling further, but he refuses to listen and attacks them with his drill machine. A fierce battle ensues between Dr. Drill and Doggy Don's team, with both sides using their skills and gadgets to gain an upper hand. During the fight, Doggy Don manages to free Surmai Bhopali and his army from Dr. Drill's control by using a special whistle that Octo gave him. Surmai Bhopali then joins forces with Doggy Don against Dr. Drill.

The battle reaches its climax when Dr. Drill's drill machine reaches the Earth's core and causes a huge explosion that sends shockwaves throughout the planet. The explosion also damages Dr. Drill's drill machine and causes it to lose power. Doggy Don seizes this opportunity and jumps onto Dr. Drill's drill machine. He then unplugs the Heart of the Ocean motor from Dr. Drill's drill machine and throws it back into its original place in the temple.

The Heart of the Ocean motor then restores its normal function and stabilizes the balance between land and sea. The waves and whirlpools subside, and peace returns to both worlds. Doggy Don and his friends celebrate their victory and hug each other. Dr. Drill and Drill Bit are then arrested by the marine police and taken away. The film ends with Doggy Don and his friends returning to their home on land, where they are welcomed by their other friends and family members.


The voice cast of the film includes the following actors:

  • Saurav Chakraborty as Doggy Don, Colonel, Chhotu, Motu, Dr. Drill, and Surmai Bhopali

  • Vinay Pathak as Lambu

  • Shiva as Octo

  • Deepak Chachra as Drill Bit

  • Akshay Kumar as Nemo

  • Ellen DeGeneres as Dory


The film was produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Cosmos Maya, the same studios that produced the previous film and the TV series. The film was directed by Prakasan U K, who also directed the previous film. The film was written by Rajesh Kumar, who also wrote the TV series. The film was animated by Toonz Animation India, who also animated the previous film and the TV series.

The film was announced in 2020, shortly after the success of the previous film. The film was originally scheduled to release in 2021, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was finally released on 14 April 2023, coinciding with the Indian festival of Baisakhi. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English languages.


The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its animation, humor, action, and voice acting. The film was also appreciated for its message of environmental awareness and conservation. However, the film was also criticized for its predictable plot, lack of originality, and excessive use of clichés. The film was compared unfavorably to other animated films such as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, and Shark Tale.

The film was a moderate success at the box office, earning 48 crore (US$6.7 million) in India and 12 crore (US$1.7 million) overseas. The film was the second highest-grossing animated film of 2023 in India, behind Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka. The film was also nominated for several awards, including the Best Animated Feature Film at the Filmfare Awards.


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